Mala Mala

Bags packed again.  Spent the morning with Etienne and Leana, laughing..... having breakfast....... and fly casting on the Rattrays manicured lawn.  It was a brilliant morning. Good friends are a precious gift, and the time spent with them was way too short.  I packed carefully in my bag the beautiful beaded picture frame they gave me .....knowing that I  had the perfect picture of the three of us to put in it.  It was a picture Ryan had taken of us on the Rattray's veranda, with the Sand River in the background.  It was a fabulous day, and I was grateful for them.

When Ryan came to fetch me the tears were held back and we were off to the airstrip.  It was a quiet peaceful morning on the airstrip, warm with no breeze. I could feel the warm africa air on my face.  It is not a feeling you will ever forget.  It is enough keep you desiring more, and will invite you in again and again.

Good-bye to Ryan and South Africa; now flying over Mala Mala and the lowveld the tears come. I hope Botswana welcomes me the same.