It's Time to Get Wild!!

As the last elephants go in the car bound for Manchester I can only think about what an amazing ride this has been. I have been so blessed to have such an extraordinary life.  But now it is time to share. For every print purchased over the next 6 weeks every dollar goes back to the conservation efforts I support. 

Whether it is to buy milk for the elephant orphanage at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust or to contribute to the conservation efforts of Beverly and Dereck Joubert at Great Plains Foundation, not one dollar will be wasted, not one.  I could never fully describe how amazing it is to be in the company of our world’s most endangered wildlife, but I can sure tell you how close we are coming to losing the fight for it.

“I Speak Of Africa” at Spiral Press Gallery opens today. It is time to take a walk on the wild side and help those who are so dedicated to making a difference for the preservation of our most cherished resources.  

It’s time to Get Wild!!