The Ethiopian Wolf Project

There is no doubt that creatures are vanishing from the earth; with so many different species in the world some extinctions go unnoticed. Documentary wildlife photographers are in the unique position to raise awareness of species and the biodiversity needed to help them thrive. The Ethiopian wolf is one such species at risk. It is estimated that less than 425 individuals in six populations remain in the wild today. Increased human encroachment is putting pressure on habitat and resources the wolves depend on for survival. Introduced disease from domestic dogs, isolation of gene pools and habitat loss to grazing are some of the issues facing this species. Photographers Rebecca Jackrel and Will Burrard-Lucas set out on a five week expedition to document the struggle for survival of these enigmatic creatures. From newborn pups to grass rats and mole rats, we scoured the Bale Mountains to bring back captivating images of the wolves and their mountain home. Video and Images © 2011 Rebecca Jackrel and Will Burrard-Lucas "Mi Ibiza" by John Gentry Tennyson (licensed via Triple Scoop Music)