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Always With her head in the clouds

The lulling eyes of my beautiful Mpole. This lioness has brought us a lot of laughs over the years. Even from the time she was a young cub she was always trying to impress, but when it came to action she was always content to let others do the work. We once watched her sister ride the back of a buffalo and get swung round and round while she lay daydreaming in the grass. Always with her head in the clouds.


These are hard times in lion conservation. All of us are feeling so sad and angry about #CecilTheLion and our hearts are breaking. But we must persevere. As much as we would love to point the finger and blame just one individual it was indeed many individuals that allowed this to occur. And ultimately we are all responsible. The future of wildlife is in our hands. We have the power to change it. Let's make a difference. #CECIL