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Garzi, Vuria and Ziwa Discover Ithumba
On 2nd June 2014 everything and everyone was in place for the move to the Ithumba Rehabilitation Stockades of Vuria, Garzi and Ziwa. At Ithumba, these three young bulls join their friends Bomani, Teleki and Orwa, who were translocated to Ithumba just 4 days earlier and from here, they will all begin to integrate with wild herds.
Elephant moves always take into account friendships and so at 3.30am on 28th May, three little bull elephants - friends Bomani, Orwa and Teleki mounted the elephant mover and began their journey to the Ithumba Reintegration Centre. Watch their first steps at their new home, meeting the older orphans who will join them on their journey back to a life in the wild.
Rescue of Orphaned Elephant Ashaka
Ashaka was rescued on 3rd November 2013, aged just 3 weeks old at the time, she'd been found stuck in a drying up water hole in Manyani, Tsavo West National Park. Read the full account of her rescue at where you can also choose to foster Ashaka and help provide her with a second chance at a life back in the wild when grown.