December 1 is almost here and we want to let you know that we’re a part of the Crowdrise Giving Tower on #GivingTuesday this year. The Crowdrise Giving Tower is a virtual tower made up of bricks, each of which represents a donation made to charity on #GivingTuesday, the biggest charitable giving day of the year.
There is going to be a really cool app that you can download to view the tower plus, it’s going to get alot of press and exposure so we’re super excited to be part of it.
And, if we raise the most on #GivingTuesday, December 1, we’ll get a $25,000 donation to our cause.

We are asking our loyal supporters to help by joining our team and creating a fundraiser. This will make a huge impact in our chances to win the $25,000 Giving Tower prize so the more money you are able to give, the better.

Be sure to tell 7 friends, three strangers, and someone you don’t like at all that much about the amazing work we are doing. 
Join our #GivingTuesday Challenge by clicking the “Fundraise For This Campaign” button on our Crowdrise home page. Our fundraiser will go live on 11/24. We can't wait for you to "Join Our Team."

Robyn GianniComment