Travel Like A Girl

As a working journalist being prepared for any assignment is an absolute necessity. If you told me that I had 30 minutes to get ready for a trip into the bushveld, it would take me a solid 15 minutes to pack, maybe 10, since my bags are still barely unpacked from the last trip. I can roll khakis, t-shirts, shorts and under garments faster than anyone; toss in the binoculars, lip salve, sunglasses, the latest edition of a critical field guide and still carry under 12kg of weight in my duffle. I do this with one simple rule… I just don’t over pack.

Most of the time I am forced to travel on light aircraft and there is absolutely no dispute over the weight or size of any hand held bag, or a bag that may go into the cargo hold of a Cessna two-seater.  Cessnas taught me to travel light, and bring only what is essential.  I would not have it any other way.

Cameras, laptops, and communication devices are work horses for me and are essential on any assignment. But, I never leave home for far away lands without the things that bring me the most comfort.  Sunglasses are as mandatory as camera gear, and being comfortable while lugging gear in 42 degree Celsius is crucial.  

My favorite sunglasses and my Chan Luu scarves are the first things on my person, along with my Rosebud Lip Salve.  

If all goes missing, I can still travel like a girl.

Robyn Gianni